Soft, Sexy Curls with your Magic Leverage

This style should be started on mostly clean hair. Greasy hair will not hold up. Hair needs to be completely brushed out and you need to put a little bit of gel into your hair, mostly at the roots to give it some lift with this style. This style looks really hot with hair that is a few inches past the shoulders or longer. It won’t work on shorter hair.

Pull out heated rollers – larger ones that are about 1” around. You might be able to get away with ¾” rollers, but they will give you a bit more curl and not quite as much volume. When you are using curlers, you still need to go section by section but you can start at the top of your hair. You don’t have to clip back any parts, though. Start your curls going out, not under when you roll them. That is one of the biggest things to remember. That is part of what gives the curls the lift.

Where your bangs are, put the Magic Leverage in facing out, but position them so the hair in front will lay out the way you want it to lay. Once you have all of the Magic Leverage curlers in your hair, leave them in for about 15-20 minutes. You are supposed to leave curlers in until they cool and then start taking them out. But 15-20 minutes seems to work well too.


Start to take each curler out, this time you will want to start from the bottom. Work your way around until you have taken each curler out. Once you have taken all of your curlers out, you can lightly mess with your hair fluffing it just so that it is in the place you want it to be. Spray a little finishing spray and you are ready to go.