Earthy Girl: magic leverag Long Loose Curls

To achieve long loose curls it is important to properly prepare the hair first. Without preparation those curls will fall out by the end of the night. To start preparing, first you need to apply heat protective products. I am a huge fan of Kerastase’s Ciment Thermique, but any protector will work. Then you will want to start curling the hair in small sections. Once you take the curling iron out of the section, you need to keep the curl rolled by using a bobby pin to secure the curled section to your scalp. Continue this process until the entire head is curled. After the hair has completely cooled off, you can begin to take the pins out. After all of the pins are out you can gently run your hands through the hair, this will help you achieve long loose curls. Then after running your hands through the hair, apply hair spray to finish the look. Now you have achieved long loose curls that will last all night! Below you will find my example of long loose curls. РSee more at: